Advertising Guru

Our vast experience as Leaders in Airport Advertising, backed by ready availability of exposure at Delhi Metro Rail Stations, Luxury shopping malls and ability to provide "All encompassing OOH Brand Building Solutions" throughout the country, we offer the most competitive & best value for your ad-spend, serviced by our countrywide network to your entire satisfaction.

With the advent of technology and to meet the future needs, we are privileged to be one step ahead of others to offer digital solutions to our esteemed clients. We are one stop window to provide full spectrum of Mobile and Internet Ad solutions. Our approach is sharing knowledge and interacting with our clients to make efficient media plan to get best out of most suitable digital Ad solutions.

Ever since 2004, TDI International India Limited have also had the proud privilege of being associated with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, the Capitals premium public transport system as their advertising rights concessionaire for numerous important rail stations which boast of large footfall of potential consumers.

In order to meet the ever increasing need to achieve self sufficiency in all aspects of OOH Media, the company established an independent agency wing aptly named TDI Media Services to provide our clients with composite services covering all aspects of Media planning under one roof. We are therefore best suited to provide our clients with all services such as Overall Media Planning, buying, it's execution, scientific monitoring etc.


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